Services - Infrastructure Planning and Design

Infrastructure Planning

Clear Water Solutions takes great pride in our Master Planning abilities related to infrastructure and utilities.  Our staff has completed Infrastructure Master Plans for numerous clients throughout Colorado and Wyoming.  We will work with your planning, engineering and operations departments to ensure that infrastructure improvements are logical and financially sound while maximizing your existing investments.  

Hydraulic Systems Analysis

Hydraulic models have been and will continue to be a key component in analyzing system improvements "on paper" as part of the most informed decision making process.  Our staff utilizes state-of-the-art modeling software, in conjunction with detailed field and office reviews of your system, to realize the maximum benefit of our Clients’ existing infrastructure and minimize capital improvement costs.

Water Storage Tanks

Our staff has designed numerous storage tanks – from small factory designed steel tanks up to 6,000,000 gallon regional buried concrete storage facilities.


We work with our clients to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials available, including capital and operational costs, so our Clients can make the most informed decisions.


Our staff specializes in the design of pipelines in difficult environments including urban environments, river and highway crossings, high groundwater, and difficult soil conditions in sizes through 30 inches in ductile, steel and PVC.

Pump and Lift Stations

Whether it be sanitary, storm drainage or potable water, our staff has proven design; permitting and construction phase capabilities for pump and lift stations.  We have worked with our clients on delivery of manufacturer-supplied facilities, custom designs and modification of existing facilities. 

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Our staff has managed the design, permitting and construction phase services for numerous water and wastewater treatment projects – from smaller “package” systems to large complex one-of-a-kind treatment facilities.  We have worked with our clients on evaluation of existing facilities to optimize current operations in addition to designing new facilities.