Services - Water Resources Planning and Management

Water Resources Master Planning

Any entity charged with ensuring that adequate water is available for future growth needs a Water Resources Master Plan to guide them in the acquisition of future water resources.  Whether you are public or private, large or small, we can evaluate your current and future water demands and develop a Water Resources Master Plan that guides you intelligently into the future.  We look at current water rights ownership, existing and projected water demands, proactive water acquisition, storage, and financial implications to develop a feasible Water Resources Master Plan that works for your specific needs.  Our approach to water master planning is collaborative with the final document providing you with a roadmap to move forward.  These "roadmaps" are flexible, live plans that set boundaries to help you make sound water resources decisions.

Water Conservation Planning

Water conservation is an important planning tool that assists in optimizing your water resources and the overall effectiveness of your current utility.  Water conservation planning quantifies current and future municipal water demands, establishes water savings goals and outlines water conservation measures and programs to meet those goals.

We can assist you with obtaining grant monies to complete a water conservation plan and assist you with the plan development.  Public process, as well as staff and Council involvement, is critical in water conservation planning, and our firm will successfully assist you with all of these important aspects.

Stream Depletion and Recharge Modeling

Stream depletion and recharge modeling is a critical component of any plan for augmentation or change of use of water rights.  This modeling quantifies the amount and timing of depletions and accretions to the river, so you know your augmentation obligations and can plan for them accordingly.

Water Court Assistance

We can provide you and your water attorney support for a Water Court application filing. We complete the engineering reports needed in support of a new water right, a change of use case and/or a plan for augmentation.  We can also serve as an expert witness in the event a case goes to trial.

Substitute Water Supply Plans

Substitute water supply plans are temporary augmentation plans approved by the State Engineer.  We can complete these substitute water supply plans for you and submit them for approval by the State.  Our staff has a good working relationship with the Division of Water Resources for the State of Colorado and can assist you in obtaining approval.  Once the plan is approved, we can help you with the on-going project management aspects (i.e. required annual renewals, well permit, monitoring) of your substitute water supply plan.

Well Permitting

If you wish to drill a new well or mine a gravel pit, we can complete the necessary work for issuance of a well permit.

Groundwater Modeling

We can provide groundwater modeling to estimate the potential impacts your project would have to neighboring water rights and structures.  For example, many times drilling a new well, dewatering a gravel pit or constructing a slurry wall can potentially impact surrounding water rights and structures.  Our modeling will assist in evaluating the severity of the impact and the associated costs for proper mitigation measures.  Impacts to surrounding water rights and structures can be a “make or break” aspect for many projects.

Augmentation Plans

Augmentation plans define a plan of action on how an applicant will avoid injuring downstream water rights.  This is accomplished by quantifying stream depletions and identifying the means by which those depletions will be replaced to the river.  All augmentation plans are decreed through Water Court.  We can complete the necessary engineering report in support of a Water Court filing for a plan for augmentation.

Change of Water Rights

Change of water rights are completed when water rights need to be changed to include another use(s).  One example is changing a ditch right from irrigation use to municipal use or augmentation use.  We can complete the necessary engineering in support of a Water Court filing to change a water right.

Water Right Quantification and Valuation

We can help you quantify and value your water right for a sale, exchange or change of use.

Water Accounting and Management

Many augmentation plans and substitute water supply plans require monthly accounting to be submitted to the Water Commissioner and State Division Engineer.  We can complete the necessary water accounting for you.    


In addition, if you are a Colorado Big-Thompson or Windy Gap user, we can complete the monthly and annual accounting required to help you maximize your water use and reusable portion of your water rights.  If you have excess supplies, we can assist you in leasing these out for revenue.

Geographic Information Systems

We use GIS to develop high-definition maps for presentations and reports.  We also develop databases with water rights information such as diversion points, capacities, water right priorities, storage volumes, flow rates, etc.  GIS can also be used for modeling water rights, river systems and water systems.